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Penn State iGEM 2012

Penn State 2012 iGEM Team

We are… Penn State!

  • Dr. Tom Richard
  • Dr. Howard Salis
  • Dr. Jason Collens

Graduate Student Mentors:
  • Jyotsna Pandey
  • Nikke Kapp
  • Thomas McCarthy

Undergraduate Students:
  • Hannah Jepsen-Burger (Captain)
  • Chris Cetnar
  • Kait Levin
  • Victoria Heasley
  • Kevin Thyne
  • Alexander Woskob

Hannah Jepsen-Burger (Captain)

Hannah Jepsen-Burger
Hannah is a junior from Reading, PA majoring in Food Science. She appreciated the applications of synthetic biology in agriculturally-related fields, and hopes to find employment developing gluten substitutes. Hannah is heading the Multiple Start Codon project.

Kait Levin

Kait Levin
Kait Levin is a Junior in Biological Engineering at Penn State. She joined iGEM in order to understand more about the constructs of life and how they work and is currently working on the Codon Optimization project. Outside of the classroom she is involved with the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, Women in Engineering Program, Vole (ballet club), and is an Auxiliary Officer with the Penn State Police. She enjoys music festivals, the movie Office Space, and long naps in the sun.

Kevin Thyne

Kevin Thyne
Kevin is a Junior in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. He joined iGEM for the opportunity to work in a lab, and do new, exciting research. Kevin is also involved in the American Society of Microbiology (ASM) and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS). In his free time he works on chainmail and lamellar armor.

Chris Cetnar

Chris Cetnar
Hello! My name is Chris Cetnar and I am in my third year here at Penn State University focusing my studies in Biology/Vertebrate Physiology. I learned about the field of synthetic biology in a molecular biology class, and I knew I had to get involved with this cutting edge research. I joined Penn State's iGEM team this summer and I will be heading up the promoter directionality project. I am heavily involved with many of Penn State's extracurricular activities like club basketball and I recently founded Penn State Dodgeball Club. I hold officer positions in Biology Club, Pre-Dental Society, and Science Lions and on top of that I woke as a teaching assistant and serve as a resident assistant in the dorm halls. I love Penn State and I want to wish all the iGEM teams good luck this year! "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Einstein

Victoria Heasley

Victoria Heasley
Victoria Heasley will be a junior next year at Penn State University studying bioengineering. She currently works as an iGEM team member on the Codon Optimization Project. Other then synthetic biology research, she helps research in the bio mechanics lab during the school year. Outside of school work she is a director of the Engineering Orientation and Networking (EON), which is the orientation through the College of Engineering for all 1,000 first year engineering students. Additionally, she acts as a representative for the Schreyer Honor College to prospective students, families, alumni and guests as a member of the Schreyer Advancement Team. Finally, she is a member of the Presidential Leadership Academy at Penn State. Outside of academic activities, she loves to dance; it has been her passion and favorite hobby for 15 years. She has loved her time at Penn State and can't wait for the next two years. This year on the iGEM team at Penn State, she has the position of "joyologist".

Alexander Woskob

Alexander Woskob
Alexander Woskob is a Junior at State College Area High School. Although Alexander has always wanted to build a space station on the moon, capable of supporting human life, he is instead pursuing his interests in biology and genetics by working on the Penn State iGEM team. Alexander believes science is the agent which will push society to further develop. He looks to better the world through biology and genetics, and maybe one day build a habitat on the moon.