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Meet Our Team

The Penn iGEM 2012 Team consists of 4 undergraduates, 3 advisers, and many others who have provided important contributions along the way. Together, we have learned a lot over the last few months. We have taught ourselves different protocols and developed new standards to synchronize our work. Through our participation in iGEM, we have collaborated to learn more about synthetic biology - from the initial days of cloning constructs to the final days of imaging and analysis. Our idea for spatio-temporal control of drug delivery first originated in late May after weeks of reading papers. Slowly we have been able to piece together different components of the system to help the project materialize to the system it is today. We believe our work in optogenetics and drug delivery has a promising future and we are excited to share the results at the Americas East Regional Jamboree!


Ashwin Amurthur

Ashwin Amurthur is a second year bioengineering student at the University of Pennsylvania. He loves the Eagles

Michael Magaraci

Michael Magaraci is a senior majoring in bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania is a

Peter Qiao

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Avin Veerakumar

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