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Chuan-Hsiung Chang
Associate Professor
Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology
Institute of Biomedical Informatics
National Yang Ming University
NYMU Synthetic Biology iGEM Team

Chih-Hsien Yang
Ph.D Candidate, Genome Engineering Laboratory, Institute of Biomedical
Informatics, National Yang Ming University, Taiwan

Pei-Hong Chen
Postdoctoral Fellow
Institute of Bioinformatics & Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology
National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan



Jesse Wu is a ctrl+s trigger happy person who loves programming.
He likes listening to cantonese pop and Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.
In his spare time, he sings.



I am team leader Shi Hao.
Love sports, hiking, and being a backpacker.
My dream is to let the world see Taiwan.
My job in iGEM is to coordinate everything, and make
sure that everyone and everything go well.



Chun-Kang like to take photos to record my life. So if you bump into me, please say “cheese” to my camera.
I am responsible for contacting entrepreneur iGEM team, implementing Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation project, conducting SRB experiment and propagating iGEM to new NYMU students.



En-Jie Shih is a second-year student majoring medicine at NYMU.
She is the person in charge of human practice and also helps doing the experiment.


Yi Lun is a third-year student specialized in medicine.
He loves movies and soccer.
He is responsible for Nap gene cloning, modeling and website design.




I’m Chris Yen-Chen Lo. My major is Medical technology & Radiology.
I’m good at antibody cloning, Immunology, chemical synthesis, radiolabeling, and molecular imaging.
All I wanna say is …”Practice makes perfect!! Let’s go iGEMers!!"

Ting Yi is a third year students in the department of Medicine.
I am responsible for most of the cloning experiment and the primary testing design for part BBa-K896000.
In for human practice, I am responsible for the Taiwan iGEMer's fest.

Chiu Hsun-I is a senior in National Yang Ming University majoring in medicine.
Chiu helped with cell culturing, symbiosis experiment and cloning of SQR gene.



My name is Chen Shao-Lun. I’m now in my sophomore in the Department of Medicine, National Yang Ming University. I like reading and drawing and is now the deputy head of our school’s chorus. I’m responsible for the Cd2+ cleanup subject in our iGEM team. I designed the circuit and did the wet-lab experiment.

Adonis is in medicine department of National Yang-Ming University.
Adonis’ main contribution to NYMU iGEM team includes the design of denitrification, the experiment of Sulfide-quinone Reductase and several human practice.


Hello, my name is Chung-Yu Huang. I am a sophomore in the National Yang Ming University. My major is Biomedical engineering.
In NYMU-Taipei team, I devoted myself to plan on 2012 Taiwan iGEMer Fest. Also, I participated in many activities which are belong to Human practice part.