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We have already registered a team, work hard in summer,

and ready to join Jamboree!!.

We have already completed and submit our judging form.

We have not only finished our project description on iGEM wiki,

but also completed 80% of our big plan!!

We have well prepared for presentation in iGEM Jamboree and be sure,

it’s gonna be a fantastic one!!

In our project, we have already established several standard BioBrick Parts

in the Registry of Standard Biological Parts.

In our project, we’ve already performed experiments to demonstrate

that our new BioBrick Part work!! For example, SQR(sulfide quinone reductase,

BBa_K896000) , CysI(surfur reductase, BBa_K896001) , and Dsr (surfur reductase,

BBa_K896002) !!

We have characterised several of our BioBricks.

Our favourites are SQR(sulfide quinone reductase, BBa_K896000) ,

CysI(surfur reductase, BBa_K896001) , and Dsr (surfur reductase, BBa_K896002)

We’ve already characterized the operation of your new part/device, such as decrease

SOX, NOX in the environment, create a new bioremediation with our artificial cyanobacteria.

Fortunately, they are the same as our expected!!

We’ve already modified several existing BioBrick Part, and used experiment

to prove the functionInv+LLO+RFP (reporter for invasin & listeriolysin) BBa_K299812.

We successfully fused the old one with our project and further elevated our idea to

a higher level, to create venusian!!

We have already cooperated with NTU-Taida !! not only to further

accelerated our progression, also debugged with each other for win-win situation!!

We are absolutely glad to help other iGEMers!! We’ve already shared our

experiences with NTU-Taida. Also, we’ve held a meet-up with invited NTU-Taida and

NCTU_Formosa iGEMers.

Human practice is the most colorful part inside our project!!

We have already outlined and detailed a extremely new human practice-

outer space human practice project , which is the newest one among all other teams!!

Also, we create new approaches for learning synthetic biology.