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                 <li><a title="Abstract" href="">Abstract</a></li>
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                 <li><a title="Results & References" href="">Results &amp; References</a></li>

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Results & Discussion

Cloning zinTp into pSB1C3 plasmid

We got the right plasmid which contained zinTp

Characterizing of zinTp

In this fig we could see that before 60 min, the fluorescence level of zinTp+GFP steadily increased, while BBa_I13522 (positive control) remained stable around 35000 au as time gone by. At 60 min, zinTp reached its maximum transcription rate so the fluorescence level stop increasing around 55000 au.

Fluorescence level at 15mins after Cd2+  added

This fig shows the fluorescence level of different cadmium concentration. We can see that BBa_I13522 remained stable from different cadmium concentration, while the fluorescence level of zinTp+GFP increased as the cadmium concentration increased. We could also tell that the transcription rate of zinTp is fairly low when there is no cadmium ion.

Cloning mnt into pSB1C3 plasmid

Mnt gene was successfully cloned into pSB1C3 plasmid

Cloning mnt into pSB1C3 plasmid

smtA gene was successfully cloned into pSB1C3 plasmid

Characterizing of smtA

Cadmium 0/200/500μM Medium

This fig shows that smtA enhances the tolerance level to cadmium ion. In wild type E.coli, OD595 differ from between 0/200/500μM cadmium concentration. E.coli hardly grow in 500μM cadmium medium. However, the E.coli which can express smtA seem to show no significant different between 0 & 200μM cadmium medium.

8 hours after cadmium added

OD of WT E.coli decrease when cadmium concentration increase. The E.coli which can express smtA seem to have stronger resistance to cadmium toxicity and the E.coli concentration show no significant different from 0 to 200μM cadmium medium.

E.coli which could express smtA growth better than wild type in 200μM Cd+2 medium