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Bacterial Anti-Cancer-Kamikaze

BioBrick parts Our submissions to the Parts Registry

    BBa_K822000RegulatorylldPRD operon promoter + RBS from E. coliJarle Pahr344
    BBa_K822001RegulatoryldhA promoter + RBS from Corynebacterium glutamicumJarle Pahr159
  WBBa_K822002CodingColicin E1 + immunoproteinJarle Pahr2050
  WBBa_K822003GeneratorConstitutive YFP generatorJarle Pahr924
    BBa_K822004CompositeLacI generator (no promoter)Jarle Pahr1277
An important aspect of the iGEM competition is the use and creation of standard biological parts. Each team will make new parts during iGEM and will place them in the [ Registry of Standard Biological Parts]. The iGEM software provides an easy way to present the parts your team has created . The "groupparts" tag will generate a table with all of the parts that your team adds to your team sandbox. Note that if you want to document a part you need to document it on the [ Registry], not on your team wiki. Remember that the goal of proper part documentation is to describe and define a part such that it can be used without a need to refer to the primary literature. The next iGEM team should be able to read your documentation and be able to use the part successfully. Also, you should provide proper references to acknowledge previous authors and to provide for users who wish to know more. iGEM012 NTNU_Trondheim

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