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During the summer we have had close contact with the Rose-Hulman team from Terre Haute, Indiana. Our main advisor, Dr. Eivind Almaas, was present at another event at the Rose-Hulman university and came in contact with the team advisor from Rose-Hulman, Dr. Richard Anthony. They began discussing the possibility of a collaboration between the two teams, and 7/23/2012 we had our first video conference so the team members could meet and discuss what we could help each other with.

We agreed that the Rose-Hulman team would help us characterize our new plld biobrick, and we would in return critique their Mathematical model, and make a stochastic model of their system. We had a new video conference in august to update each other, and share experiences about the iGEM project as both teams are fairly new in this competition. This has been a fun experience, and exiting that we can help each other and share experiences across the globe!

We hope to meet the Rose-Hulman team in Boston in November, and to further continue our cooperation.