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<h1>Attributions <small>Who did whaaaaat?</small></h1>
<h1>Attributions <small>Who did what?</small></h1>

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Bacterial Anti-Cancer-Kamikaze

Attributions Who did what?


Laboratory work

All biological work, including cloning, measurements, etc. was performed by the students on the team. Clone Manager Suite 6.0 and the online tools j5 and Primer3 was used for in silico work.

Various providers were used for synthesis of oligos for PCR. Sequencing was performed by Eurofins DNA at a generous discount as well as GATC Biotech.


All the modeling has been done by team member Rolf using the stochastic simulations program Cain,


The wiki was designed by team member Ove using the default MediaWiki framework, Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery.

Poster and presentation

The poster and presentation was designed by the students on the team using InkScape, with help and tips from our advisor Rahmi Lale.

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