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Week 6

Day 1


. We have BioBricks!

. Practice run of growth study involving the characterisation

Day 2


. LB media and Agar media was made in vast quantities.

. Rebecca did a 9 hour growth study with PyeaR transfoormed cells and Bioline alpha E.coli cells as a comparison. This was done with wavescan function and single wavelength absorbance at 660nm which is not absorbed by pure LB. Recordings were taken every hour and a serial dilution was made and the two lowest dilutions were plated (10^-4 and 10^-5).

Day 3


. Forum preparation - plates with Biobrick written with one letter per plate (using the pYEAR with GFP and potassium nitrate to induce promoter activity)

. Rebecca, Khadija and Lucas, used day 2 samples and carried out a growth study with a reading every minute for 1 hour.

Day 4

- Forum preparation - plates used for the forum science day had their fluorescence intensified by adding more potassium nitrate to the cells on the plate.

Day 5

. UK Team Meet-Up! The team took the day off lab inorder to enjoy and host a great UK iGEM team meet up (Cheak out human practices tab for more infomation about this day).