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Week 4

Day 1

Research and Meetings

. Khadija and Pascoe found problem over the weekend with stop codon; two options are scaffold or assembly standard 23. Leaning towards the other assembly standard as it's less risky than the scaffold, however discussion occuring on both.

. Amy came to visit in order to look at the studio for our film being recorded on Wednesday.


. Joy and Lukas looked at doing the ligation for our first biobrick using pYeaR/CarG promoter.

. Rebecca transformed the ligated biobricks.

. Russell and Rachel left their colonies to grow a little more due to only a few colonies having grown.

Day 2


. Russell and Rachel looked at nitrite reductase sequences.


. Russell and Rachel's colonies grew and they inoculated 2 tubes of RFP, 2 tubes of CFP and 4 tubes of arabinose promoter; each using a variety of different colonies to maximise effects. They also used 5ul of ampicillin as the antibiotic in the tubes.

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5