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Week 1

The first week of work was an exciting time for the NRP UEA iGEM team as we officially started our iGEM project! We spent the week largely focusing on planning out our project and taking part in some human outreach activities before we can officially begin lab work. We were able to take part in the University of East Anglia School of BIO Colloquium, have talks on our project from PhD students working on similar topics, visit a fellow iGEM team and take part in a radio interview. Watch it all in our first week's EyeGEM video and read the details in our lab notebook.

Day 1

Today the University of East Anglia School of Biological Sciences hosted its annual colloquium, an event where members of faculty gather together to discuss news over the year, give talks on their research and present posters. We were able to listen to many great talks on the research that has been going on in UEA and view the posters on display, where we were able to find out which researchers in the school were looking into nitric oxide and other topics relevant to our project, with a view to working with them in the future. We also spoke to representatives from Bioline, Qiagen, Fisher Science and Star Labs about the products the sold which we would likely require later on in the project; a few representatives even spoke about possible sponsorships and working with the iGEM team more closely, and we were able to leave with a few business cards giving us a few avenues to pursue.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5