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Nitric Oxide Sensing & The Hybrid Promoters | The Comparator Circuit | Theoretical Projects


SUMMARY OF IT ALL HERE; similar to front page


Origins of the Idea

. UEA uses NO

. Difficult to sense (machines and biologically)

. Important applications e.g. cancer and buildings so useful to work it out

Preliminary Lab

. Looked at PyeaR and CArG, ligated them together in two orientations for a flexible promoter (info on what each is)

Lab Work

. Made into biobricks (link to registry page)

. Ligated to RFP/CFP and got photos to prove it works

. Used RFP/CFP with the fluorometer etc. to get data on sensitivity

. Tranfected into mammalian cells to show flexibility

. Studied the growth rate


. Graphs from flow and fluorometer

. Pictures etc. from mammalian transfection

. Growth study on MB/BM


BM/MB better or the same, RFP/CFP better or the same etc.

Future Applications

. Cancer

Warrior Cell


A problem with current cancer therapeutic techniques is that they are not specific to cancer cells, leading to patient discomfort. We hope to engineer E.coli cells that selectively identifies cancerous cells through their anaerobic environment and secrete high concentrations of NO, mimicking macrophages, and thus killing these cells. These cells are known to be hypoxic, and hypoxia is a hallmark for cancer cells already used in tumour detection. Our Warrior Cell construct hopes to pave the way for a new kind of therapeutic strategy that delivers a therapeutic agent only when and where it is needed.

. Buildings

. Soil

Future Experiments

. With different substrates (e.g. nitrite salt, NO donor)

. With different reporter/effector enzyme