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(STAR Radio)
(STAR Radio)
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===STAR Radio===
===STAR Radio===
[[Image:NRPSTARRadio.jpg | 250px | right]]
[[Image:NRPSTARRadio.jpg | 300px | right]]
[ STAR 107.9 FM's Farming Show]
[ STAR 107.9 FM's Farming Show]

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Human Practices

As part of our human practices we have looked into getting the message about synthetic biology out to as many members of the public as possible in order to raise awareness of the branch of science. We have covered a wide range of age and experience groups as well as various different types of media, including radio shows and live events.

STAR Radio


STAR 107.9 FM's Farming Show

Listen To Our Radio Show Appearence!

In early July we travelled to Cambridge to appear on STAR Radio's "The Business Hub" and "The Farming Show". We were interviewed by Mark, one of the presenters, about synthetic biology, iGEM, and our project. The interview went really well as Pascoe and Khadija got across all the information that was needed in a clear and concise way, and Mark was extremely helpful in making sure all the salient points of the project were brought out.

We were able to give a brief description of what synthetic biology is before talking about the future applications of synthetic biology for medicine, agriculture and business. We were also able to mention our event at the Norwich Forum in late August in order to help promote it!

A big thanks goes out to all at STAR Radio 107.9 for their help with the project in setting up the interview and allowing us air time to discuss iGEM and synthetic biology. Please visit the link above to hear the radio show.

City of Norwich School

The Forum