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UV Bacterial Sunscreen:
BBa_K814000 dehydroquinate synthase (DHQS) generator
BBa_K814001 ATP-grasp (ATPG) generator
BBa_K814002 dehydroquinate O-methyltrasferase (O-MT) generator
BBa_K814003 shinorine non-ribosomal peptide synthase (NRPS) generator
BBa_K814004 mycosporine-glycine biosynthetic pathway
BBa_K814005 shinorine biosynthetic pathway
BBa_K814006 negative control for mycosporine-like amino acid biosynthesis
BBa_K814007 ScyA (acetolactate synthase) generator
BBa_K814008 ScyB (leucine dehydrogenase) generator
BBa_K814009 ScyC generator
BBa_K814010 partial scytonemin biosynthetic pathway, scyCB
BBa_K814011 scytonemin biosynthetic pathway, scyBAC

Caffeine Yeast:
BBa_K814012 XMT1 protein generator
BBa_K814013 DXMT1 protein generator