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iGEM 2012


  • Results Overview

Circuit Production

  • Short RNA Production
  • Circuit Production: Hammerhead Ribozymes

NOT Gate

  • Design
  • Modeling
  • In Vitro Results


  • Design
  • Modeling
  • In Vitro Results


  • TuD and Decoy RNAs
  • Modulating Hammerheads

The Key Reaction

  • Design
  • Nucleic Acid Delivery
  • Experimental Strand Displacement

Our BioBricks

  • Favorites
  • All BioBricks


  • Attributions

Our Favorite BioBricks

 WBBa_K779400RegulatoryU6-TetO-FF1 MammoBlockDivya Israni326
 WBBa_K779501OtherLong reporter top strand MammoBlockKristjan Eerik Kaseniit20
 WBBa_K779607GeneratorTre-Tight-mKate MammoBlock DeviceKatie Bodner939

All BioBricks

BBa_K779100DNAFuel 1 - mRNA domain 1 DNA sensorDivya Israni18
BBa_K779101DNAGate 1 - mRNA domain 1 DNA sensorDivya Israni25
BBa_K779102DNAOutput 1 - mRNA domain 1 DNA sensorDivya Israni33
BBa_K779103DNAInput Mimic 1 - mRNA domain 1 DNA sensorDivya Israni20
BBa_K779104DNAFuel 2 - mRNA domain 2 DNA sensorDivya Israni18
BBa_K779105DNAGate 2 - mRNA domain 2 DNA sensorDivya Israni25
BBa_K779106DNAOutput 2 - mRNA domain 2 DNA sensorDivya Israni33
BBa_K779107DNAInput Mimic 2 - mRNA domain 2 DNA sensorDivya Israni20
BBa_K779108DNAFuel 3 - mRNA domain 3 DNA sensorDivya Israni18
BBa_K779109DNAGate 3 - mRNA domain 3 DNA sensorDivya Israni25
BBa_K779110DNAOutput 3 - mRNA domain 3 DNA sensorDivya Israni33
BBa_K779111DNAInput Mimic 3 - mRNA domain 3 DNA sensorDivya Israni20
BBa_K779112DNAFuel 4 - mRNA domain 4 DNA sensorDivya Israni18
BBa_K779113DNAGate 4 - mRNA domain 4 DNA sensorDivya Israni33
BBa_K779114DNAOutput 4 - mRNA domain 4 DNA sensorDivya Israni25
BBa_K779115DNAInput Mimic 4 - mRNA domain 4 DNA sensorDivya Israni20
BBa_K779116RNAShort RNA reporter bottom strand (with ROX fluorophore) Divya Israni20
BBa_K779117RNARNA Reporter top strand with quencher (RQ)Divya Israni15
BBa_K779118RNARNA Input S6Divya Israni20
BBa_K779119RNARNA Control input (scrambled)Divya Israni20
BBa_K779120RNARNA Reporter top strand with quencher (RQ) and tag fluorophore (Alexa 488)Divya Israni15
BBa_K779121DNAShort DNA reporter top strand (with RQ quencher)Divya Israni15
BBa_K779122DNAShort DNA reporter bottom strand (with ROX fluorophore)Divya Israni20
BBa_K779123DNAa - In vitro NOT gateDivya Israni43
BBa_K779124DNAb1 - In vitro NOT gateDivya Israni28
BBa_K779125DNAb2 - In vitro NOT gateDivya Israni20
BBa_K779126DNAc1 - In vitro NOT gateDivya Israni43
BBa_K779127DNAc2 - In vitro NOT gateDivya Israni29
BBa_K779128DNAc3 - In vitro NOT gateDivya Israni47
BBa_K779129DNAd1 - In vitro NOT gateDivya Israni29
BBa_K779130DNAd2 - In vitro NOT gateDivya Israni38
BBa_K779131DNAe - In vitro NOT gateDivya Israni34
BBa_K779200RegulatoryHef1AGiulio Alighieri1174
BBa_K779201RegulatoryCMVGiulio Alighieri70
BBa_K779202RegulatoryTRE-TightGiulio Alighieri196
BBa_K779300ReportereBFP2Giulio Alighieri726
BBa_K779301ReportereYFPGiulio Alighieri726
BBa_K779302ReportereYFP-4xFF1Giulio Alighieri859
BBa_K779303ReportereYFP-4xFF4Giulio Alighieri835
BBa_K779304ReportermKateGiulio Alighieri721
BBa_K779305CodingrtTA3Giulio Alighieri714
BBa_K779306ReporterTagBFPKatie Bodner699
BBa_K779307ReporterTagBFP-FF5Katie Bodner801
BBa_K779308CodingTetRKatie Bodner630
BBa_K779309ReportereBFP2-1xKatie Bodner754
BBa_K779310ReportereBFP2-2xKatie Bodner778
BBa_K779311ReporterHH-mKate - Hammerhead attached to front of mKateKatie Bodner802
BBa_K779312ReportermKate-HH - Hammerhead attached behind mKateKatie Bodner804
BBa_K779313ReporterHHM-mKate - Repressible hammerhead attached to front of mKateFelix Sun838
BBa_K779314ReportermKate-HHm - Repressible hammerhead behind mKateFelix Sun844
BBa_K779315Coding5' Hammerhead with loss-of-function mutationFelix Sun190
BBa_K779316Coding3' Hammerhead with loss-of-function mutationFelix Sun186
BBa_K779317Coding5' HammerheadFelix Sun190
BBa_K779318Coding3' HammerheadFelix Sun186
BBa_K779400RegulatoryU6-TetO-FF1Divya Israni326
BBa_K779401RegulatoryU6-TetO-S6Divya Israni277
BBa_K779402RegulatoryU6-TetO-S1Divya Israni277
BBa_K779403RegulatoryU6-TetO-FF4Divya Israni596
BBa_K779404RegulatoryU6-TetO-DecoyFF4-3pDivya Israni287
BBa_K779405RegulatoryU6-TetO-DecoyFF4-3p-4ntinDivya Israni291
BBa_K779406RegulatoryU6-TetO-TuDFF4-3pDivya Israni390
BBa_K779407RegulatoryU6-TetO-TuDFF4-3p-4ntinDivya Israni398
BBa_K779408RegulatoryU6-TetO-SaDivya Israni285
BBa_K779409RegulatoryU6-TetO-ScDivya Israni285
BBa_K779500OtherLong reporter top strand with bulgeKristjan Eerik Kaseniit24
BBa_K779501OtherLong reporter top strandKristjan Eerik Kaseniit20
BBa_K779502OtherLong reporter bottom strandKristjan Eerik Kaseniit28
BBa_K779503OtherLong input strandKristjan Eerik Kaseniit28
BBa_K779504OtherLong scrambled input strandKristjan Eerik Kaseniit28
BBa_K779600GeneratorHef1a-eYFPGiulio Alighieri1922
BBa_K779601GeneratorHef1a-mKateGiulio Alighieri1917
BBa_K779602GeneratorHef1a-TagBFP-FF5Giulio Alighieri1997
BBa_K779603GeneratorHef1a-eYFP-4xFF1Giulio Alighieri1922
BBa_K779604GeneratorHef1a-rTTA3Giulio Alighieri1926
BBa_K779605GeneratorHef1A-TetRKatie Bodner1842
BBa_K779606GeneratorTre-T-eYFP Katie Bodner944
BBa_K779607GeneratorTre-Tight-mKateKatie Bodner939

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