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Achievements : What did we do ?

We have registered our team.

We have completed the judging form.

We have set up a team wiki.

We have prepared a poster and a presentation for the Jamboree.

We have submitted 6 documented parts to the registry and showed that they work as expected. Among them, two improvements for existing B. subtilis shuttle vectors : fully characterized plasmids, with the full BioBrick prefix and suffix for the first time in the registry.

We have explored safety implications of the project as a whole.

We have collaborated with British Columbia (UBC) team to exchange knowledge about Intellectual Property. Moreover, we exchange with the other french teams through the iGEM France website.

We have incorporated Human Practices and Modelling into our design.

We get our project closer to application by meeting with experts to consider industrialization.

We have presented our project and Synthetic Biology in many ways : on different websites, in newspapers, in scientific events, in order to inform a public as varied as possible.

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