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Overall project

A technology blooming flowers on demand will bring a lot of fruits in the field of agriculture. We try to achieve this goal by our Flowering E.coli,  which can produce Florigen. Florigen is a kind of  plant hormone, which is a peptide composed of one hundred and several tens amino acid. This small peptide hormone activates the transcription of some genes inducing blooming and is effective at low dose. The main purpose of our project is to make Florigen in E.coli and introduce this hormone into Plants!
In order to achieve our goal, we devided our team into 3 groups--Florigen, Secretion, and Gplden Gate Assembly.


The florigen group aims to make Escherichia.coli express florigen that functions in plant cells correctly and to introduce it into plant cells.


The secretion group aims to make E.coli secrete protains without cell death. The group noticed a tat secretion system and decided to apply this system.

Golden Gate Assembly