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<i>Click on any from the positions below to see the our appearance!</i><br>
<i>Click on any of the text below to redirect to our appearance!</i><br>
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iGEM Groningen 2012 in the media

Click on any of the text below to redirect to our appearance!

Movies & radio

- Unifocus

- UK (Universiteits Krant)(Dutch)

- STUG Radio (Dutch), interview starts at timepoint 30:00

STUG Radio 9 oktober by Stugtv on Mixcloud

Newspapers & magazines

- Meppeler Courant (Dutch)
- UK (Universiteits Krant - Independent Weekly for the University of Groningen) (Dutch)
- article in UK
- interview in UK (Universiteits Krant)
- Texelse Courant
- University of Groningen website
- Dagblad van het Noorden
- Lifeline magazine
- Groninger gezinsbode
- University of Groningen Faculty Newsletter

...coming soon:

- Lifeline magazine
- De Texelse kunstenaars


- ScienceLinx
- Omroep Organisatie Groningen