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All the work for this project was performed by the iGEM Groningen 2012 team members, the lab work started from May 2012 onwards.

The original Bacillus subtilis integration vector pSac-Cm from which we derived our backbone biobrick originates from the article by Middleton et al. [1] and was provided by Dr. Jan-Willem Veening from the Molecular Genetics group of the University of Groningen, as was the GFP optimized for Bacillus subtilis for our testing constructs. Our Escherichia coli dh5a and Bacillus subtilis sp. 168 strains were provided by Dr. Jan-Willem Veening and MolGen.

The idea of the Food Warden was developed by the team before the labwork started. All experiments, the modeling and the sticker design were planned and carried out by the team. Supervision and direction was given by our supervisors, but they only had a consultative function.

We were informed by Marius Uebel about GMP/SOP and data management with the use of acronyms. The team also took care of the sponsoring and all the other organizational issues. We made our own logos, drawings and wiki/presentation/poster style. The picture gallery on the home page and in other sections of our wiki has been made using the hoverbox image gallery code by Nathan Smith as a basis.

[1] Middleton et al. [1], R., Hofmeister, A. New shuttle vectors for ectopic insertion of genes into Bacillus subtilis. Plasmid Volume 51, Issue 3, May 2004, Pages 238–245

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