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iGEM Grenoble 2012



Week 36Week 37Week 38Week 39

Week 36: September 03rd to 09th

  • new study with the stochastic modeling : adaptation of the scripts
  • Continuation of the redaction for the stochastic part
  • A final check for the receptor parameters
  • Pooling the modeling parts

    Regarding the stochastic modeling, the first part of the script has been modified and we are working on its optimization. The redaction progresses slowly.
    Once the receptor’s parameters checked, we had to pool the signaling and the amplification models. We could thus estimate the sensitivity as well as the rapidity of our system.

Week 37: September 10th to 16th

  • End of the stochastic changes
  • Prepare our midi-minatec talk

    Unfortunately, because of a presentation to prepare, we didn't find time to end that stochastic modeling.
    The modeling team worked hard during this week to choose which results were worth presenting and which not. Then we thought with the biologists of a clear and simple way of presenting our work and making synthetic biology accessible even for uninitiated. You can visit the section Human practice- promoting synthetic biology to know more about this event.

Week 38: September 17th to 23rd

  • End of the stochastic modeling and analyse of the results
  • End of the redaction for the stochastic part
  • Prepare the modeling section and put our main results on line

    The stochastic modeling is definitely finished and the whole stochastic part in the wiki is written with analyses on the results.
    Most parts of the modeling section are ready and put online. As for us, we tried to make it as clear as possible. Hope you’ll enjoy it.