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iGEM Grenoble 2012



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Week 33: August 13th to 19th

Goal of the week:

Assembly of:
  • pAra/Bad_RBS_GFP and RBS_Cya.
  • pompC and mcherry
  • Tap and EnvZ

Monday, August 13th:

We did some verification PCRs on miniprep with HF Phusion enzyme (protocol) in order to check the Gibson Assembly products (12/09/09>.
Annealing temperature = 55°C.

To separate (protocol) the PCR products, we prepared a 1.8% TAE agarose gel.
Migration conditions = 100V during 30 min.
In order to reveal the DNA fragments, we used EtBr.

It showed no significant results (data not shown).

Tuesday, August 14th:

We did an experiment (protocol) in order to test the "AND" gate (CRP-cAMP & araC) without the amplifier module.

We transformed (new protocol) BW25113 WT competent cells (protocol) with pSB3C5.