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During the course of our iGEM project and especally after meeting other iGEM teams in berlin, the news about our toolkit spread through Europe and we got in contact with some other teams that were interested in using TAL effectors in their projects.

Teamsgerm SW.jpg

Collaboration with Team Potsdam Bioware: Team Potsdam is working on a CHO cell-based project for generating antibodies. Hypermutation should be accomplished by cotransfection of the activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID). Since it is obviously preferable that the activity of the AID is focussed on the antibody gene, we decided to put our expertise in two entirely distinct research fields together and produce a TAL-AID fusion protein that binds to the antibody gene-containing plasmid. Due to the Plug-and-Play Effector Cassette (PPEC) in our eukaryotic TAL expression vector, it was quite easy to introduce the TAL-AID vector first and we are currently completing the order so that team Potsdam can test the construct.

Collaboration with Team Fatih Medical:

We are in contact with Team Fatih Medical since May and discussed exciting new applications of TAL effectors. Moreover, we have filled out their survey on synthetic biology, which is part of their human practices project.