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Alejandro Hernández

Giovanni Garro

Miguel Rojas


Ricardo Alvarado Meza

  • Also known as Richie, Richy y Raro, and a 22 year old final year student of Engineering in Biotecnology at ITCR. From Cartago, Ricardo is also considered a Proffesional Geek. He is interested in synthetic biology, bionanotechnology, bioinformatics, tissue engineering and pharmacogenetics, but also likes to read science fiction books and / or fantasy, eat, watch anime, read manga, eat, solve all kinds of puzzles, try on new programs and eating. Seriously, eat a lot. And all of it with lots of lemon juice on.
  • He's developed various theories, among which we can name Quantum theory of female behavior, the Unified theory on the wood, nails, thumbtacks and others, the Theory about men and their variants and finally the Theory of random thinking. With lots of patience, he's a 9 gagger that loves science, his computer, lemon juice and miso soup. He is also known to be a food parasite that feeds on other people's food... and of others.

David García Gómez

  • He is a mistery. Believes in Anarchy, has extremely long hair and is known for saying 'yare-yare'. Also, he has an almost unhealthy obsession about Pennywise, the IT clown.

Jorengeth Abad Rodríguez Rodríguez

  • Known as Don Abad, he is a Golfito native with a degree in biology with emphasis on biotechnology from UNA Among his areas of interest we can find microbial biotechnology, production of metabolites, bioprospecting, bioinformatics and industrial production.
  • Likes strategy games, fishing, learning fun facts, random books, exploring, swimming y sometimes cooking. For some reason, he always seems happy.

Marcial Fernández

  • He is a Chemistry student from UNA and he's from Carrizal, Alajuela.

Verónica Delgado Hernández

  • She is known as Vero or "La Vero", is 23 years old and comes from Heredia. A TEC graduate, has a bachelor degree in Engineering in Biotechnology. Among her areas of interest there's synthetic biology, genetic engineering, molecular biology, microbial biotechnology, entrepreneurship, and finally, intellectual property.
  • Loves reading novels, watching movies, working out and walking, traveling, cooking and eating good food, besides thinking and thinking and memory games.
  • It is said she sleeps a lot, and at first glance she appears to be serious, but is also a matter of knowing her.

María Carolina Castro Peña

  • Known as Carito, Negris y Negrita, she's 22 years old and comes from Liberia, Guanacaste. She's a TEC student on Engineering in Biotechnology and her favorite areas are Pharmacogenetics and Molecular Biology.
  • Likes playing basketball, the beach, the countryside, and reading under the shade of a tree.
  • Gets a little stressed over cleaning.

Jazmin Meza Torres

  • Known as Jaz, she’s 21 and lives in Cartago. Another TEC's Engineering in Biotechnology student. She likes immunology, bioprocesses, microbiology and obviously synthetic biology.
  • Her hobbies are reading, listening to music, running, go to the gym, dancing and traveling to the mountain or the beach.
  • Is maybe the only vegetarian in our group (because of her appreciation to the animal life), she also likes to meditate to relax her mind and body. She is a braider master and the cosmetic supplier for the iGEM girls.

Kevin Andrés Mata Brenes

  • Nicknamed as Kev or Andrecito, he´s a 20-year-old Cartago TEC student, also on Engineering in Biotechnology. He's interested in Biochemistry, Clinical Pharmacology, Immunohematology, Epidemiology and Human Virology.
  • Among his hobbies we can find writing, reading, playing videogames (mainly from the Survival Horror kind), philosophize, boardgames that involve strategy and concentration as well as skating. Loves ice cream and the rustle of leaves when stepped on. He absolutely loves the Resident Evil series.

Asdrúbal Mayorga Lamas

  • Everybody calls him 'Compañero'. From Bagaces, Guanacaste, he's a 22-year-old student on TEC's Engineering in Biotechnology career. His main interests are Molecular Biology, Bioprecesses, Plant Tissue Culture and Microbiology.
  • He enjoys swimming, running, reading, playing badminton, aviation, traveling, dogs and being on the beach with the sound of waves and the sea breeze.
  • Firm believer in God.

Lesli Natasha Mora Fonseca

  • From Alajuelita, San José. She's called 'Compañera', and she's on her last year on TEC's Engineering in Biotechnology. She's interested in epigenetics, molecular biology, genetic diseases and everything that has to do with DNA.
  • Loves horses, horseback riding, playing soccer, watching gymnastics competitions, traveling and trying to communicate with her horse Achilles.
  • Likes tanning, even if the sun does not like her,has always wanted to bellydance and an extremely sincere person. She wears showy and colorful sneakers.

Naizmi Valverde Porras

  • Her name is a little bit uncommon and hard to pronounce the first time so she's been called all kinds of "variants", including Nashville, Neshmi, Nezmi, Neizimi... but her friends usually call her Naiz. Another TEC student, and as the ones before her, also an Engineering in Biotech student. She´s 21 and is mainly interested in Microbiology, Nanotechnology, and Molecular Biology.
  • Loves sheep, stuffed animals, her dog Lily, videogames, anime, books, independen films, music and chess. Hates cockroaches. She says there are an internal obese person and also an internal anorexic person, both of them always causing her moral conflicts. She's continously apologizing...and did I already mentioned that she HATES cockroaches?

Tatiana Vargas Amador

  • Friends and family call her Tati, Tat, Tita, Ta, Tatiringa. She's 20 and comes from Heredia. One more Biotech student from TEC for the list and she likes Genetic Engineering and Microbiology.
  • Loves music, buying and reading books (mainly in english since they're cheaper!) and manga, watching movies, TV series, anime, playing videogames, cooking, drawing, painting, dancing and singing (even if she's not good at it). Silence is one of the many things that bothers her, so she's always saying random useless facts to fill the silence, and gets unreasonably nervous when it's her time to speak in front of an audience.
  • Most of the people think she's not a very nice person at first, because of her shyness,but after getting to know her better she's an outgoing, funny and nice person. But not when she's angry...

Johan Morales Sánchez

  • 20 year old TEC's Engineering in Biotechnology student and a beginner microbiologpy student of UCR. He comes from Naranjo and is interested on tissue engineering, genetics, microbiology and almost anything related to biomedicine.
  • He simple loves doing nothing, waste some time as much as he loves to eat ice cream, brownies, chocolate or any other sweet treat. When he cooks pots spontaneously fire up and electroninc devices usually get broken in his hands, specially cellphones.
  • He was a Scout boy for a long time and he doesn’t like to be touch by people.

Wendy Bryan Quirós

  • Also known as Wen, she is 20 and is in her last year of TEC's Engineering in Biotechnology career. She is from Siquirres and is interested on bioprocesses, microorganisms, bioprocesses with microorganisms and microorganisms on a bioprocess!!
  • She likes to read, to watch movies and TV series. She loves Benedetti and enjoys small things in life. Her favorite movies are Amelie and, Charlie and the chocolate factory even thus she doesn’t like chocolats. She doesn’t like butterflies either.
  • She doesn’t like people who doesn’t greet, drones nor terror histories; loves Harry Potter, cows and gnomes. She is great imitating other people.

Gerardo Madrigal Monge

  • No nickname known at his 20 years. He comes from Curridabat. He is a TEC’s Material Engeeniering student. He likes to discover the mysteries of the universe… and everything related to materials (polymers, metals and microelectronics).
  • He loves anime and manga, to read, play video games, puzzles. Martial arts and music are part of his life. He also likes to listen to metal and to watch full moon nights.
  • Is our youngest member and he taught us that you can do a lot more with glicerine than just soap.