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To Do

  • Figure out a tour template system
  • Work on notebook page, try to get a filtered-entry system working
  • Think about cool new ways to do the team bio page


  • Have template recognize the page its on and adjust li-active accordingly
    • give each li an ID and have a short javascript checking the URL and setting the li with that ID to class="active". See wetnav. --> DONE (and put all javascript at bottom)


  • Notebook images:
"White": #f2f2f2
Gray: #8A8A8A
Wetlab: #20AF4B

Drylab: #1D77AF

Human Practices: #E98930

Modeling: #B32025

Wiki: #603B97

Animation: #D8B831


  • Cornell red (carnelian red): #B31B1B
  • Off-white: #F2F2F2

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