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May, 2012

Wednesday, 23rd

  • Brain storming of possible ideas for the upcoming summer iGEM competition
    1. Creating printed circuit boards based upon UT 2004 team.
      The idea surrounds on a concept of control etching of copper using a sensing gene (e.g. light or magnets). Possibly form a death circuit to manipulate which bacteria etch copper and which do not.
    2. Using A. Ferrooxidans, a iron oxidizing bacteria to accomplish the above goal.
    3. Using cellulose eating bacteria to explore the possibilities of creating biofuel or food sources from cellulose.
    4. Genetically modify bacteria to create a detection mechanism (e.g. blood type, TNT)
    5. Genetically modify bacteria that creates toxic chemicals for mosquitos

June, 2012

Friday, 1st

  • Introduce non-undergraduate members of the team (Dr. Banta, Dr. West, and three graduate students)
  • Vote as team to focus on Copper etching as summer project
  • Consider the options: etching vs. depositing
    1. Etching - based on master's thesis by a student from University of Michigan, will use A. Ferrooxidans
      1. Will need to consider if A. Ferrooxidans will be gronw on solid or liquid media
      2. Need to consider light or another source of a kill gene-promoting mechanism
    2. Depositing - based on Yale 2010 iGEM team that uses E. coli
  • Other possibility: recycling circuit boards
  • Tour Dr. Banta's lab at Columbia
  • Assess the equipment available at respective labs at Columbia and Cooper
  • Create initial groups in pursuit of controlling mechanisms for etching copper

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