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Data and Conclusions

The liquid media that Ferrooxidans thrive in is acidic so the copper team first started working on proving that the bacteria are doing the etching, not just the media. Our initial results were somewhat inconclusive, however the data showed that at certain time intervals the bacteria etched faster than the basal rate (see work from 7/7-7/17):

Figure 1

By furthur refining our experiments as described in the cooper notebook we were able to show that copper is in fact etched faster in the presence of A. Ferrooxidans than the basal rate of etching by the acidic liquid media (see the work done 7/18-7/22):

Figure 2

From this data we were able to conclude the following copper consumption rates:

Figure 3

The Copper team has further refined their experiments by adding more controls and nuances to the existing experiments in order to collect more refined data which is detailed in the notebook, however the major results are summarized here.