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This is a template page. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS.
You are provided with this team page template with which to start the iGEM season. You may choose to personalize it to fit your team but keep the same "look." Or you may choose to take your team wiki to a different level and design your own wiki. You can find some examples HERE.
You MUST have all of the pages listed in the menu below with the names specified. PLEASE keep all of your pages within your teams namespace.

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The following people formed The Cooper Union lab group, advised by David Orbach:

  • Pnina Grossman
  • Nicholas Mannarino
  • Saimon Sharif
  • Kirsten Nicassio
  • Jackie Song
  • Peter Liu
  • Jang suk Roh
  • Swetha Chandrasekar
  • Yuta Makita
  • Ciera Lowe
  • Steven Neuhaus

The following people formed the Columbia/High School lab group, advised by Scott A. Banta:

  • Aakash Mansukhani
  • Akachi Ukwu
  • Naimun Siraj
  • Sara Chuang
  • Roshan Ramkeesoon
  • Anna Mai
  • Udochukwu (Ud) Okorafor
  • Marjana Chowdhury
  • Chauncy Yin
  • Vincent Xu
  • Shivrat Chhabra
  • Richard Shi

Each team must clearly attribute work done by the team on this page. They must distinguish work done by the team from work done by others, including the host labs, advisors, instructors, graduate students, and postgraduate masters students.