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On you're right you will see the logo for CSU. CSU is arguably the 4th best football team in Colorado. They claim to be rivals with CU but the all-time CU-CSU record is 59-19-2 in favor of it's not much of a competition.

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Who we are


  • Advisor 1: June Medford
  • Advisor 2: Brian Searcy
  • Advisor 3: Erica Suchman
  • Advisor 4: Lucas Argueso
  • Advisor 5: Chris Strickland


  • Student 1: Dave Packard
  • Student 2: Guy Stewart
  • Student 3: Ryan Clouse
  • Student 4: Steven Denham
  • Student 5: Ethan Ho
  • Student 6: Pasha

What we did...Lost to CU

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Where we're from

Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO)

-Brian Searcy

  Born in Pasadena, CA and has lived all over the U.S. Mostly in coastal regions.

-Ryan Clouse

  Born in Chandler, AZ and raised in northern Phoenix. Moved to Colorado Springs, CO at age 13.

-Dave Packard

  Born in West Valley, Utah and raised in the Salt Lake area.  Moved to Parker, CO at age 10.

-Guy Stewart

  Born and raised in Springfield, IL.

-Steven Denham

  Born in Pueblo, CO. Moved to Greeley, CO at age 2.

-Ethan Ho

  Born in 


  Born in