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We proudly roam the steepest and most treacherous mountain sides, looking for adventure, and exploring whatever comes our way. We do not back down from challenges, instead we charge them head on. Although we do occassionally clash heads, we power through our disagreements, because...


If you have Celiac Disease or are Gluten-Intolerant (and are over 21), stop what you are doing right now. Your prayers for a great tasting gluten-free beer have finally been answered, or at least are in the process of being answered. Think of it as a delay in the mailroom. All of those nights when your friends were taunting you with the ice cold, delicious, golden liquid that gives courage to even the most faint of heart are quickly coming to an end. Your desire to enjoy a "cold one" without having a gut-wrenching reaction should be fullfilled by the end of the summer. The CSU iGEM team is working on producing a strain of yeast that would secrete an enzyme to break down yeast during the fermentation process. So cross your fingers, bust out your lucky rabits foot, and watch out for black cats because we are gearing up for something that has never been done before.

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