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The Team


Daniel Giraldo

Daniela Olivera

Laura Rodriguez

Luis Alberto Gutiérrez López

Luis is an undergraduate Physics student at the Universidad de los Andes. Since his school years he’s been interested in science, deeply fascinated by the way our Universe works and particularly by the mechanisms of life. His interest in Biology led him to explore other fields like Physics, in the hope that a bigger picture of knowledge would help him find bridges between the biological and physical sciences. This passion made him a very devoted student which enabled him to be awarded as Best High School Graduate of Colombia in 2011. Besides his enthusiasm for study, he loves physical activity, especially swimming and jogging. He also enjoys literature. He decided to join iGEM because he considers it an excellent opportunity to become familiar with research and learn many useful things about molecular biology, mathematics and programming.

Roberto Moran Tovar

Grad Students

Mariana Restrepo

Silvia J. Cañas

Vivian Bernal Galeano

Vivian is a M.Sc student in Biological Sciences at the Laboratory of Mycology and Phytopathology at the Universidad de los Andes. She is a Bachelor in Biology of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She has worked in the area of molecular phytopathology, in the pathosystem Cassava-Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. manithotis (Xam), for two and half years and currently she has studied the small ncRNA of Xam. Her role in the iGEM Team is to participate in the lab activities and to coordinate, plan and develop, with her teammates, the activities related to the human practices, she enjoys that!!


Adriana Bernal

Juan-Manuel Pedraza

Silvia Restrepo