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The next meeting was arranged for the next Tuesday June 26th at 12 noon.
The next meeting was arranged for the next Tuesday June 26th at 12 noon.
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June 21

Today’s meeting attendance was not taken.


During today’s meeting our first topic was laboratory’s groups conformations. A reevaluation of the members of each group was made and also the group agreed to send an ultimatum for those that hadn’t attended to the introductory classes made two weeks ago. Right away the laboratory’s group commented the advances made during the week and made an estimative of the goals to achieve for the next one. In order to end with the topics addressed in relation to the laboratory’s group, it was evaluated the viability of making tests of the product or at least plan its elaboration to avoid having problems in the future.

Then the “Human practices” group introduced the debate about the necessary improvements to a good development of the project for which two fundamental agreements were made:

  1. Establish among the iGEM group a fee of $ 20,000 per member, which are being used to

field trips.

  1. Each participant must attend to at least one “Human practices” group meeting. To

facilitate this it was agreed to make a scheme with the future events in order to provide the possibility to each group participant of choosing the tasks that they will help with.

On the other hand, the new structure of the Wiki was exposed and a participant of each group was designated to make, appropriately, each section of it. Besides, it was asked to the new members of the group to make a profile based on the previous years’ profiles. Apart from this, it was asked to all the participants to be responsible when it comes to upload periodically the information with the advances made by their respective group in a coordinated way.

Finally, Gabriel exposed his idea of adding to the website his talk at the “Universidad de la Sabana” so it was asked to the members to look at the video for the next session.

The next meeting was arranged for the next Tuesday June 26th at 12 noon.