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Welcome to the official wiki of the Chalmers iGEM Team 2012!

Yeast We Can!


As our iGEM project, Saccharomyces cerevisiae is planned to be modifed in such a way that the yeast cell should function as a biosensor for the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG). This hormone is produced in the body during pregnancy and consequently, the idea for the biosensor is to function as a simple pregnancy test. We also plan to introduce genes for bio-indigo production which will be the output signal of the pregnancy test. Below you can see in an illustration how our bio-pregnancy test should function. You can find more details about our project here.


26th of Sep: We have been very busy with the summary, analysis and the discussion of our results. Finally, you can find our achievements in the result section. Now we are getting ready for the European Jamboree that takes place next week in Amsterdam! We are very motivated and looking forward to presenting our project for the iGEM jury.
See you in Amsterdam!
3rd of Sep: Chalmers iGEM team participated at the Scandinavian iGEM meet-up weekend in Uppsala. It was very intresting to exchange ideas and experience with other iGEM teams! Thank you Uppsala iGEM Team for a great weekend!
25th of Aug: Our first BioBrick, the yeast FIG1 promoter, is now on its way to the Registry of Standard Biological parts BBa_K753000
17th of Aug: We were holding a presentation for the young students of the Astra Zeneca summer science school . A very nice but also challenging alternation to the work in the lab.
3rd of Aug: We were participating in the UCL iGEM radioshow. Listen to it here
23rd of July: We are very happy to present you our new sponsor, Mölnlycke Health Care!
17th of July:
The sequencing results arrived. All plasmid have perfectly correct inserts without any mutations. Nice!
13th of July: First milestone reached! Our cwp2 deletion is confirmed and the cells seem to be healthy.
5th of July: We can now present a new sponsor of our project: GATC Biotech
20th of June: Today we can be seen on Read the article here.
Old news: Do you want to look up old news? Then you can click here.


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