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Post-Regional Accomplishments

Our team has had many accomplishments since the regional jamboree!

In our Human Practices project, we...

In terms of FRED, we...

  • Validated our system with tailings using our transposon system and electrochemical reporter to be able to selectively detect toxins on real oilsands samples..

  • In terms of OCSAR, we...

    • Obtained additional characterization data in validation of our flux-variability analysis model.

    • Characterized the ability of our novel amidase BioBrick to remove nitrogen atoms from ring structures with remarkeable efficiency, turning them into a substrate that the Petrobrick (BBa_K) can likely convert into hydrocarbons.

    • Tested out our bioreactor and it’s ability to grow cells containing the PetroBrick as well as extract the hydrocarbon layer produced using our belt skimmer