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University of Calgary Support

The University of Calgary iGEM team would like to thank and acknowledge all of the support from the University in terms of student stipends, support personnel, facilities, and materials which made this project possible. The O'Brien Centre for the Bachelor of Health Sciences provided the laboratories we worked in this summer, and the O'Brien Centre allowed us to continue our work even into the fall term. Additionally, a special thanks to faculty of medicine and engineering for their financial support.

Advisor and Instructor Support

All research work was performed by the undergraduate students on our team. Our professors and advisors contributed support and ideas to the students and facilitated a safe and efficient laboratory environment. Special thanks to Dr. Anders Nygren and Dr. Mayi Arcellana Panlilio for their continuous support in organizing the logistics of this team despite their busy schedule. Big thank you to Dr. Anthony Schryvers one of our advisors whose technical knowhow helped us troubleshoot our assays. Special thanks to Jamie Fegan, for helping us troubleshoot our protein expression. We would also like to thank Cesar Rodriguez from Autodesk who provided valuable advise with both the 3D-modeling component of the project as well as the mathematical model. Thank you to Dr. Mark Bieda for advising us in the fall semester and facilitating O’Brien Center Lab space for our team.

Support From Additional Professors and University Staff

In addition, we would like to acknowledge other professors in the faculty of Medicine including Dr. Mark Ungrin, Dr. Glen Armstrong (for meeting with us and providing expert advice on the general direction of the project). Additionally, Dr. Glen Armstrong is the E. coli O157:H7 expert we are collaborating with to acquire EHEC E. coli DNA to test and characterize our final system. Additionally, we would like to thank Dr. Mark Anikovskifrom the Department of Chemistry for providing us valuable feedback on ferretin subproject.

Finally,SACRI Research Group and the Schryvers Lab for their donation of chemicals. We would also like to thank Dr. Cairine Logan for being the designated safety assignee in the fall semester.

Outside of University Research and Technical Support

We would like to thank and acknowledge the support of various individuals from outside sources. This includes Chad Laing from the University of Lethbridge for sharing his expertise about EHEC genomes and conservation profile of EHEC E. coli to ultimately allow us to decide target sequences for our TALEs.

We would also like to thank Donna Douey for what???

Outside of University Additional Support

We would like to thank the individuals who we had requested to do interviews with Dr. Bob Church a prominent Alberta rancher, researcher and expert who has transferred genetic technologies into livestock. Dr. Eric Behlke (Feedlot Health Management Services), Ryan Clisdell (Cargill Meat Solutions), Rick Sears (Chinook feeders) and Rick Culbert and Susan Goebel from bioniche.