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<p><b>In terms of <FONT COLOR=#1088CC>OCSAR</FONT>, we...</b></p>
<p><b>In terms of <FONT COLOR=#1088CC>OSCAR</FONT>, we...</b></p>
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Our team had many accomplishments throughout the summer of 2012!

Please see the Post Regional page for our results between Regionals and the Finals!

In our Human Practices project, we...

In terms of FRED, we...

  • Constructed a transposon library in Pseudomonas, identifying two positive hits sensitive to a variety of tailings pond toxins.

  • Submitted and electrochemically characterized the function of two novel hydrolase enzymes from E. coli, demonstrating the validity and potential of a triple-output system with high sensitivity and little background noise.

  • Designed and wet-lab verified a kinetic model of electrochemical gene expression.

  • Designed both hardware and software for a biosensor prototype.

In terms of OSCAR, we...