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Data Page


We built 2 His-export devices, and 2 Trp-export devices:

To achive this, we had to create several new basic biobricks:

  • Kozak sequence from yeast α-factor mating pheromone (MFα1) (BBa_K792001)
  • Secretion tag from yeast α-factor mating pheromone (MFα1) (BBa_K792002)
  • HIV TAT penetratin (BBa_K792003)
  • Polyarginine trojan peptide (BBa_K792004)
  • PolyHa, a Histidine rich peptide (His-Tag) (BBa_K792005)
  • TrpZipper2, a Tryptophan rich peptide water soluble and monomeric (BBa_K792006)
  • PolyHb, a stable Histidine rich peptide designed by us (BBa_K792007)
  • PolyWb, a stable Tryptophan rich peptide designed by us(BBa_K792008)