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Human Practice


An important part of iGEM is Human Practice, which we understand not only as communication with a broader public but also as reflection of the project in a general aspect. This includes biosafety and biosecurity, social aspects as well as the implementation of the project into industrial processes and evaluation of experts and environmental issues. Therefore economical factors and political terms have to be considered. Finally we want to show the potential of the project as a possible realistic alternative to conventional and traditional methods of waste water treatment concerning the depletion of steroid hormones as estrogen and other pharmaceutical relevant substances. In the sections expert, politics and industry we tried to evaluate our project in economical manner with the consideration of political terms. The sections environment, education and outreach focus on social aspects, including the environmental situation and communication with a broader public.


In this section you can read more about the expert classification we got for our project. We presented our project to get feedback for our ideas.

We attended at the strategy process "Biotechnologie2020+".

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The CAS conference for Synthetic Biology gave us the opportunity to present a poster about our project.

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Here you can find our project evaluation with Rene Röspel, member of the german parliament, the ''Bundestag''.

For the development of a project from planning to application political term are important. Not only the economical factors but also the public opinion and acceptance depend on the political situation. Furthermore bioethics are especially important when developing a project in modern life sciences. Therefore we discussed about bioethics as well as regulations.

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An important part of a project development is the evaluation in cooperation with potential partners. Therefore we visited two sewage treatment plants and together we could work out an easy way for a future application.

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In Germany people are very suspicious when it comes to Synthetic Biology. Despite of strict regulations and decisive risk and technological impact assessment the public opinon is marked by prejudices and anxiety for biotechnology. Therefore outreach is a central part of every German iGEM project.

To inform the public the German iGEM teams arranged a SynBioDay, that was held all over Germany. We presented posters, organized experiments and as a special additional we invited the iGEM team from SDU-Denmark to help us.

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We did a waffle sell and a poster presentation in our university.

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We hosted a student academy for interested pupils to learn about Synthetic Biology.

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We wanted to evaluate the urgency of the current situation in marine ecological system. Therefore we had an interview with Nicolai Fricke, an expert of the Heinrich von Thünen-Institute of Fisheries Ecology.

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Here you can find the articles to our project.

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