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Week 3 (05/14 - 05/20/12)

weekly seminar

  • first lab service: Robert
  • our GFP, which we wanted to use for the summer school for pupils, does not work.
  • first competent cells have to be made: Julia S. and Robert.
  • Decision to buy a commercial laccase to establish the analytics and the enzyme activity tests.
  • our scientific exposé has to be translated into english: Malak
  • Last planning for our waver sell.
  • Julia S. is creating a vector for Pichia pastoris and is now searching for usable sequences.
  • The BMBF invites all german iGEM teams to Berlin to attend at the Biotechnologie2020+ strategy process.

Monday May 14th

Tuesday May 15th

  • Team Database:
    • Creating the logically design for the database. For example for our table 'Eppi' we opt for the following logic:
eppi ( ID INT(11),
DataID INT(11),
Caption TEXT,
Content TEXT,
Experiment VARCHAR(255),
Where2 VARCHAR(255) ,
Location TEXT,
Coments TEXT,
Empty ENUM ('N', 'J'),
Create_User INT(11),
Creat_Date DATETIME,
Delete ENUM ('N', 'J')
Delete_User INT(11),
Delete_Date DATETIME )

Wednesday May 16th

  • Team Cloning of Bacterial Laccases:
  • For cloning our laccases we need pSB1C3 backbone. Therefore we we transformed BBa_J04450 (pSB1C3 with RFP) in competent KRX cells.

Thursday May 17th

  • Team Cloning of Bacterial Laccases: Plasmid isolation of BBa_J04450.
  • Team Modeling:
    • Meeting Mrs. Lutter, a mathematics prof. of our course of studies and looking for our first model of a metabolic pathway, finding out, that we don't need such a complex model. Start thinking that we want and what we need.

Friday May 18th

  • Team Activity Tests: Our T.versicolor laccase and the ABTS arrived! We couldn´t wait to start, so we set up the stock solutions we will need, such as sodium acetat buffer (pH 5), 10 mM ABTS and deluted laccase.

Saturday May 19th

Sunday May 20th

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