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Poster Presentation

Of course we had acknowledged our duty by day one and were keen on spreading the word of Synthetic Biology and our own project. When we had our first poster ready nothing could stop us from doing our first presentations and if we could not find the occasion we had to create it on our own.

Introducing our project to the students of Bielefeld University

Mo presenting our poster to interested students.
Successful attraction of students with waffles and information.
This is the poster and the tasty waffles.

Our first attempt to bring our project approach to the public should of course take place at our university. To reach as much students as possible in one day, we created a poster informing about our project, iGEM and synthetic biology. By baking delicious waffles that were scenting all through the university we were able to attract a lot of students and stuff them with food and information. The team was divided in different responsibilities such as presenting the poster, answering questions and waffle baking. By rotating the shifts we made sure that everyone got in front of the poster at some point. Between 9 am and 6 pm we were talking, presenting or baking.

Conclusion: Since it was our first presentation in public it took some time to present confidently but in the end everyone was self-reliant and enjoyed talking and spreading the word. We noticed that even people which are not into the topic of synthetic biology were very interested in hearing more about our project and thought that the purification of waste water is a topic of high relevance for them. We were surprised by the open-mindedness of the students, the faculties and staff of our university. We had expected a lot of controversial questions and bioethics discussions, but what was brought to us was above all curiosity for Synthetic Biology, our project and the problems in water treatment. This could be because of the academic environment and the respect that is brought to a fellow-student. Anyway we were sure when we step outside the university the people would not always be as nice to us. All in all we were glad to have held our dress rehearsal under cozy conditions in a known environment and even with some waffles. Now we were ready to reach out even further.

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