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       <div id="Layer4" class="style13" style="position:absolute; left:526px; top:821px; width:578px; height:634px; z-index:4">
       <div id="Layer4" class="style13" style="position:absolute; left:222px; top:821px; width:882px; height:634px; z-index:4">
         <p>Greetings From Turkey<br>
         <p>Greetings From Turkey<br>

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our research's pillars, killing the legionellaa link.
Follows us in the lab, we are telling what we did a link.
have we met? a link.
also we havefun! with our competitors a link.

Greetings From Turkey

Actually, i pretty hated media wiki. however i am going to design an other page about why shoul we use wiki and why we shouldn't.

it's 5 a.m. and i am still coding...

Sincerely a Med Student.

This part left blank for further greeting texts