Team:Austin Texas/Week of July 9 to July 15


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Notebook for week of July 9 to July 15

Design of Converter Plasmid

  • Razan
    • 7/9- Gibson Assembly of Converter and Control plasmids
    • 7/10- Transformation of gibson failed and gel shows no correct bands
    • 7/11- Redid Gibson assembly of Converter and COntrol plasmids with longer incubation time

Design of Reporter Plasmid

Spinach Aptamer

CBB5 Caffeine Inducible Promoters

  • Peter
    • 7/9 - Set up confirmation PCR of cultures. 1 for each culture, as well as 2 controls from CBB5 genomic DNA.
    • 7/10 - Gel electrophoresis of confirmation PCR showed 2 successful Gibson product colonies, as well as both successful controls from CBB5 genomic DNA.

Inducible Odor