Team:Austin Texas/Week of July 30 to August 5


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Notebook for week of July 30 to August 5

Design of Converter Plasmid

Design of Reporter Plasmid

Spinach Aptamer

CBB5 Caffeine Inducible Promoters

  • Peter
    • 7/31- Retry of cotransformation of PRA301-ndmApro LacZ reporter plasmid with orf1- 4,5,6 mini-preps. Used new miniprep from Ben, only 0.5 ul of each plasmid per transformation. 3 cotransformations, 4 single transformation for each plasmid.
    • 8/1- 2 colonies picked from each cotransformation plate.
    • 8/2- Glycerol stock saved of 1st colony from 1st cotransformation plate (ORF1-4 + ndmApro)
    • 8/3- Transformation of ORF1-4 plasmid into TOP10 cells

Inducible Odor