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Notebook for week of July 2 to July 8

Design of Converter Plasmid

  • Razan
    • 7/2 - Overlap PCR of Las Promoter and GFP+Terminator for control plasmid.
    • 7/5 - Amplification PCR of gel extracted band from overlap PCR.

Design of Reporter Plasmid

  • Peter
    • 7/3 - PCR purification on both PCRs. Gibson assembly of purified PCR. Gel Electrophoresis indicated that Gibson assembly was unsuccessful, as insert ORF 1 PCR was unsuccessful while vector PCR was successful. Erik independently performed PCR on the ORF 1. Used this, along with Dpn1 digested vector PCR to create a new Gibson.
    • 7/5 - Made new lab SOC under Aruko's supervision. Transformation of supposedly successful Gibson assembly
    • 7/6 - Unsuccessful transformation. Made a new second attempt.
    • 7/7 - Collected 3 successful small colonies from Gibson product assembly, as well as three obviously larger colonies from Gibson control plate which grew. Made cultures for each picked colony.

Spinach Aptamer

CBB5 Caffeine Inducible Promoters

Inducible Odor