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Notebook for week of August 6 to August 12

Design of Converter Plasmid

  • Razan
    • 8/6- PCR on miniprepped DNA from gibson transformation colonies.
    • 8/9- Submitted control colony DNA and pconverter colony DNA for sequencing with confirmed sequence results for 2 control colonies and one converter colony.

Design of Reporter Plasmid

Spinach Aptamer

CBB5 Caffeine Inducible Promoters

  • Peter
    • 8/6- Picked 2 colonies form ORF1-4 transformation plate. 1st was large, 2nd was small
    • 8/7- Glycerol stock saved of both ORF1-4 transformation colonies. Colony PCR began on both, with ORF1-4 plasmid as a control.
    • 8/8- Miller Assay of ndmA Promoter with ORF's from CBB5 using various Xanthine derivatives.
    • 8/9- More Miller Assays. Prepared new xanthine derivative stocks. Innoculated new Xanthine derivative cultures.
    • 8/10- Miller Assays of yesterday's cultures.

Inducible Odor