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Notebook for week of August 13 to August 19

Design of Converter Plasmid

  • Razan
    • 8/15- Began testing control converter plasmid by growing overnight, diluting to mid log phase, inducing, and testing for fluorescence the next day. There was no visible fluorescence in any tests.

Design of Reporter Plasmid

Spinach Aptamer

CBB5 Caffeine Inducible Promoters

  • Peter
    • 8/13- Started new cultures for xanthine derivative miller assays. Prepared lab stocks of various caffeinated beverages. Also innoculated starter cultures for Caffeinated beverage growth tests
    • 8/14- Miller assays of previous day's cultures. Reinnoculated starter cultures for caffeinated beverage growth tests. Wrong antibiotics were added. Also innoculated new starter cultures for xanthine derivative miller assays.
    • 8/15- Prepared new cultures for both xanthine derivative miller assays and caffeinated beverage growth test.
    • 8/16- OD's of caffeinated beverages examined. New caffeinated beverage cultures started.
    • 8/17- OD's of new caffeinated beverages examined. Miller Assay of Xanthine derivative cultures.

Inducible Odor