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Hyder's lab notes


miniprepped gfp1 and rbs1 and rbs2 liquid cultures

picked 1 colony from double terminator (dt1) plate

picked 1 colony from t7 polymerase (pol1) plate

picked 1 colony from puc19 plate (positive control)

picked 1 colony from dh5a plate (negative control)

started liquid cultures of each colony (5 mL LB amp each)


Resuspended GFPT1 and GFPT2 oligos with molecular grade (nuclease-free) H2O.

Final Concentration 100uM

(gfpt1 top1, gfpt2 top1, gfpt1 top2, gftp2 top2, gfpt1 bot1, gfpt2 bot1, gfpt1 bot2, gfpt2 bot2)

(3uL of each oligo + 2uL 10x annealing buffer, 6uL molecular grade H2O. 20uL Reactions)

Heated for 5 minutes at 100C. Let cool to room temperature on the heating block, stored at -20C.