7th of August 2012

  • The tool now also has the minor things that were not yet added but essential in store.
  • Creates a seperate memory plasmid gb file and a restriction site plasmid gb file.
  • Been debugging and cleaning up the code for hours and hours and hours *yawn*
  • The tool should be in beta by the end of the week
  • Only thing essential still missing is an (automaticly generated) list of mtases and zf's
  • Next week we can start with dressing up the tool for extra features such as primer generation / cloning steps
  • 29th of Juli 2012

  • We have a working tool that generates a genbank file given a backbone plasmid. The next few days will have to be spent to automatically and correctly insert the features that are to go with our memory plasmid.
  • Adjusted the tool so it correctly makes all the objects and it's sub objects / functions

  • 25th of Juli 2012

  • Had a meeting for our plasmid design tool establishing the rules for the plasmid generation