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<p align="center"> Rhodofactory 2012 </p>
<p align="center"> <strong>Rhodofactory 2012</strong> </p>
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iGEM Experience

iGEM is, maybe the best way to get involved in synthetic biology. This new and dynamic discipline needs innovative education techniques, and iGEM provide to the students the motivation to learn trough competitiveness.
Even though Mexico has a lot of creative and well-prepared researchers and excellent research faculties and universities, it is still a challenging to open and organize an iGEM team. Mexico needs more iGEM teams; as it needs more passionate scientist with the initiative to start these kinds of projects. iGEM is an excellent chance for students to develop an original projects that could cause impact in science society and technology.
For this reason, we want to encourage other students to go further and dare to create new iGEM teams. We want share our experience with the world, and help future iGEMers take the lead on science. The objective of this document is making a little bit easier the iGEM process for future teams. It consists in two parts: A chronicle of our road to Colombia and a suggested process to make a new iGEM team.
It is a fact that every team is different, and every team has its own way to work; especially with the great cultural diversity of iGEM teams. We can summarize our team formation process in the next diagram. We would be happy to listen to other experiences.

We asked other teams some specific questions, these were some of their answers. Special thanks to Karin Chauris from Evry team and Marijke Dermois from TU Eindhoven team for their collaboration, you can see the rest of the advices in our document:

Check out the complete report here:

iGEM Experience


Rhodofactory 2012