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<h3><a name="10"></a>Calendar of Events</h3>
<h3><a name="10"></a>Calendar of Events</h3>

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iGEM Europe

Calendar of Events

Keep an eye on the iGEM deadlines and check the iGEM 2012 Calendar of Events regularly.

European & African teams

Check out the competition. Investigate how many teams are teams registered for the iGEM Regional Jamboree Europe.

Project Abstract

Each iGEM team should submit an abstract along with your project title. This abstract will be printed in the Jamboree program.

Track Selection

The iGEM projects will be organized in various categories.

Wiki Freeze

Wikis will be frozen on TBD.
The project and parts documentation should then be finished.

Travel Information

Information about traveling to the Netherlands is gathered here.


There are several rooms arranged in hotels close to the Jamboree venue against reduced rates. For taking this advantage discount, check the allocation here and reserve a room.


Guests, family, and friends are welcome to come to the Jamboree. Each must register and pay the jamboree attendance fee. As space is limited in presentation rooms and at the awards ceremony, preference will be given to iGEM team members.


Looking for a way to get more involved with iGEM? How about applying to be a part of our Regional Jamboree Europe volunteer team! Check the volunteers page for more information.