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(Members of the press, please see the | iGEM Press Kit)

blogs covering iGEM 2012

video/radio about iGEM 2012

news articles about iGEM 2012

If you would like to share an article that was written about iGEM or your iGEM team, please link to it on this page. If you have multiple articles featuring your team, link to them all individually!

Post the name of your team, the title of your article, where it was featured, and provide a link to it.

Team Example: Title of article, Nature, [link]


team specific

University College London: Land Grab: Could Bioremediation Turn Pacific Garbage Patch Into Habitable Island?, Good, [1]
University College London: Synthetic Bacteria Could Turn Ocean Garbage into One Big Island, Smithsonian, [2]
University College London: Students synthesizing bacteria to create islands out of garbage, DVICE, [3]
University College London: Nanobots could turn 'Great Pacific Plastic Patch' into a floating island, Wired, [4]
Queen's University: Getting Biological over the Break, Kingston This Week, [5]
Queen's University: Dance like everybody's watching, Kingston EMC, [6]